Is it Time For a Change?

“Those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.”

Our minds have a powerful role to play – come up with the things we want, connect with that the desire and emotion we feel and the belief that we can achieve our dream. It doesn’t matter what it is if the mind is engaged and really believes it can happen it will. Unfortunately our minds have been conditioned, read brainwashed, since day dot by everyone around us. A lot of this conditioning is really helpful and necessary but all those significant people in our lives have been brought up with beliefs that have been conditioned into their minds. If we are not aware that these beliefs are not truths we continue blindly on not trying to change anything. And this is not necessarily our fault.

But once we know this stuff we and only we are the ones responsible to make the changes we know in our deepest being need to be made. If we don’t we will continue to do, be and have exactly the same experiences and results year after year. Sometimes this isn’t as easy as it sounds because we may not actually see the full story, the messages we have received may be very hurtful and damaging and for some would deserve the title ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.’ But if you’re one who really wants to change don’t be a victim by letting go of the dreams because you can’t be bothered doing the work. It all starts with how you are feeling about yourself and life and if you’re not happy, what are you going to direct yourself to do about it? The mind needs to know how committed you are and it will get in behind you.

Enjoy the feeling you get when you make the decision to make the changes you want!

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