Is it Time to Show the Strength You Have Been Hiding?

“Strength doesn’t come from what you CAN do. It comes from OVERCOMING the things you once thought YOU COULDN’T”   Karen Winter

I spent a lot of my life sailing along coping with what I considered to be the normal things of life. I guess I developed a certain level of strength from achieving results in my schooling and at university. I worked at things probably more than some of my talented friends did but looking back now I’m pleased that the work I put in then afforded me the ability to be accepted into physiotherapy, a profession I have mostly loved. Loved because working with people is fundamental to who I am & also because I have recently found out that my HealthType is made up of people who like to be active a lot of the time & you are certainly active all day every day in the physio world – as long as you are doing clinical work & not sitting at a computer as a researcher.

But I really didn’t see any of that as an amazing achievement. It was all within my capabilities I guess, so it wasn’t a big deal. The biggest deal was that I only just got into the training because there was a limit to your height. One of the things I get a sense of achievement with these days is mastering something on this computer, which originally felt impossible. Each one of those steps gives me the confidence and strength to take another step. Even though maths was a strong subject at school, my brain doesn’t like following the technical rules, but then I guess I just don’t like following rules full stop. So here I am stuck at one of these ‘machines’ a lot these days, getting frustrated when some small point thwarts me, but a strong sense of achievement and confidence when I master something, especially if only Dr Google has helped me.

Enjoy finding strength and a sense of achievement by giving things a go!

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