Isn’t it Fun Being a Procrastinator!

“Do you know what happens when you give a procrastinator a good idea?  Nothing!” – Donald Gardner

I think we’re all guilty from time to time of this one.  Napoleon Hill says in his book, “Think and Grow Rich,” that it is a form of being indecisive – sitting on the fence.

Lisa Jimenez wrote a book called “Conquer Fear.”  In that she talks about the four inherent needs of human beings in general.  One is the need for excitement – some of us need more than others.  She says that procrastination could be seen as a way to get excitement, because of the adrenaline rush we get when we are racing to get something finished before the deadline.  Yes I’m guilty of that!

Procrastination can also be because of a need to be perfect, who of you out there knows this one. We have a fear of our work being judged. Of course life being what it is, we will probably get judged by someone anyway, so why not get started and give yourself the chance to spend enough time on the preparation to turn out your work to the best of your abilities at that point in time.

Think about some of the opportunities we are missing, because we don’t make the decision to act now, on the ideas that are coming through daily.  So what, if it’s the wrong decision – it may be a huge learning opportunity for us.  Our whole lives are about learning something whether through active choice, through mistakes or not moving i.e. procrastinating.  Procrastination could be seen as a decision to not move and that will have consequences just like the consequences of going ahead and doing something that turns out to be the wrong move. The universe will keep putting these lessons in front of us one way or another so why not learn the lesson NOW!

Enjoy moving on those decisions!

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