It’s Decision Time

“Pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.” Michael Beckwith

When I first saw this quote I thought that I didn’t entirely agree with it. But there could be 2 ways of looking at it. Most people use their vision as their WHY to move past the pain of the setbacks, the failures, the things that aren’t working. The stronger we can see the vision and the possibility of it happening, the easier we find the determination & resilience to fight through. This is what the Law of Attraction tells us we should be doing. We should be putting out the idea of our dream with emotion, with the belief that it will happen, because the Law of Attraction is working all the time for everyone, just like the Law of Gravity. But the pain we have to go through, the beliefs from our past, the doubts and uncertainty put out energy into the universe that is saying the exact opposite. So we need the strength of that vision or dream to pull us along and stay resolute to that aspiration of a new life.

On the other hand Abraham, through Esther Hicks keeps telling us, that it is these painful experiences, these negative thoughts and awareness of what we don’t want, that gives us the nudge to find out what we DO want. This is how the vision or dream of a different life comes into fruition.  That idea may not come immediately, but if we stay with the problem long enough, as Einstein taught us, then the new idea springs into life and gives us the desire to move towards that. I really feel for people who come through my coaching sessions who have forgotten how to dream because they haven’t been encouraged as they’ve gone through life. I am also seeing students who are in that earlier stage of life who haven’t yet had their purpose pop up, so they don’t know what career path to take. It can be painful when we stay stuck and don’t know the path to take.

Enjoy finding your path and leave some of that pain behind!

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