It’s Never Too Late!

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”   George Elliot

Have you got a hankering to do something other than what you are doing at the moment?  And I don’t mean right this second, I mean with your life in general. With the prospect of holidays coming up it is a good time to take stock and have the time to actually think about whether you are happy with the status quo. I have had statements made to me in the past that I’m never satisfied with my lot. In my defence I have learned that this isn’t the whole truth. As with everything in life there can always be more than one perspective.

I am very grateful for the life that has brought me to where I am today but on the other hand like the roses that are blooming so beautifully in my garden at the moment, I feel I have more than my half-opened bud to offer the world. I have an inner drive pushing me forward to reach the potential my seed knew at conception. Wayne dyer wrote a book about Intention, meaning that the acorn seed knew it could only be an oak tree – that was its intention. What did your seed know that it is still striving to become?

Enjoy spending time searching for your truth!

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