Its Time to Be on Your Way!

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting! So, get on your way!  Dr Seuss

“It’s Ok for you, life is better for you. I’ve got….. There isn’t enough time to ……… I haven’t got enough money for …..” the excuses go on. The blaming goes on. As soon as we come up with excuses or blame other people and circumstances, we are accepting the outlook of a victim. Although we may argue about this and not believe it, Carolyn Myss, the author of many number 1 best sellers, states that we all may go through a phase of victimhood every day. Until we recognise that we are that, owning the shadow side of ourselves, we can’t fully embrace what we consider to be the lighter sides to our persona.

Only when we accept that we are the only ones responsible for our life, can we let go of the blaming and excuses. If you pick up a book about the research around the effects of our thoughts and beliefs, or if you watch people on things like TED talks who have done the research, you can’t help but notice that the world is no longer considered flat. It doesn’t matter whether your thoughts and beliefs are negative or positive, the Law of Attraction works with whatever it is given. Just like the Law of Gravity takes things to the ground whatever they are. So what is stopping you getting off to great places and climbing that mountain waiting ahead of you? It’s time to get on your way!

Enjoy climbing the mountain!

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