It’s Time to Master Your Life!

“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

Our goals don’t have to be as lofty as to want to be the next Mother Theresa, but whatever they are, to get there we have to master those thoughts that are whizzing around inside us. What if they’re positive and empowering? Great, as long as they are the predominant thoughts!  Having control to move past the repetitive doubts and judgements is paramount if we want to attract the life we want. And to attract the life we want we have to become the person it takes to attract that, be the person who has positive thoughts predominantly, be the person who shows enthusiasm for life and expects things to work out.

This doesn’t mean challenges don’t come up. It means that when they do, we look at them from a new perspective, to find solutions that are going to work in the medium to long term. So rather than dwelling on the problem as it is today, look forward to the goals, outcomes or dreams we want & find a solution that is going to get us back on track as quickly as possible. In doing so, we grow in the process. We become the person who can handle the setbacks, who knows who they are and how they can make the choices not governed by the conditioned thoughts we have grown up with. Now is the time to be aware of how your mind is in charge and how you can help it grow up as well, so it doesn’t stay as a 3 year old for ever like Peter Pan. It’s time to take charge and feed your mind, new more empowering beliefs, to help it think new thoughts, so that it joins you in mastering the new way of being!

Enjoy mastering the new thought processes!

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