It’s Time to Start a New Chapter!

“Instead of being afraid to start a new chapter in your life, be as excited as you are when reading a really good book and want to know what happens next.”

Here we are half way through 2017. How do you feel the written material on the pages of the left side of your book of life, are looking? Are you excited about the empty pages on the right side of the book? In the last two weeks I have talked about procrastination and sticking your neck out to achieve the results you want in life. I talked about the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. If they are, you may very well not feel that excited about your future. You may be finding it hard to conjure up any enthusiasm or believe that you can write anything different on the blank pages.

What if you were to ask yourself a question that started with “What if,” expecting a great positive result? The universe is going to match that enthusiastic question with an enthusiastic response. If you can keep that energy high, positive, enthusiastic or excited you will start attracting things into your life that have that sort of energy. We attract what we think about and have an emotional attachment to. I can hear some of you saying, “but I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work.” We have to stay in that energy of belief and enthusiasm for our future for as much time as we can. Thinking about it for 5 minutes in the morning and then resorting to the doubts and fears will just undermine your best intentions.

Enjoy being excited about that new chapter you are about to start!

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