Let Go of ALL Excuses

“Prepare to let go of ALL your useless excuses for why you can’t do something, and instead FIND A WAY TO DO IT” Jonathan Budd

Welcome to 2014!  So how many of you made one or two New Year’s resolutions?   Have some of them been broken already?  It only took to the end of the first day for me to have broken one of mine.  I do recognise that it is a learned behaviour that I am probably going to have to work at for some time before that habit is broken.  However there are resolutions that you may have made that relate more to goals or achievements that you want to reach before 2014 ends.  Are they goals that you have made other years?  What is it that is stopping you reach the goal?  Excuses are just reasons to stay stuck and not develop a new belief or behaviour that you know will serve you.  Do you really think your excuses are going to go away on their own? 

I mentioned my learned behaviour.  I could use that as an excuse and continue to move in the direction I have always gone or I can use my will power to change the habits of a lifetime, just like a smoker or alcoholic has to do, if they want to give up a habit that is ruining their health.  Other people around us can be used as a mirror, to reflect back the beliefs and behaviours in ourselves that we have not been willing to look at in the past.  If we find a behaviour that they have, and it  pushes our buttons, then that may be an indication of where to turn our attention inward.  Maybe you have decided, ‘enough is enough.’  This is the year I’m going to take a serious look at what it is that is holding me back.  The solution for the new results is always there but you must expect that solution or answer.  If you are having difficulty seeing the changes you need to make on your own, then it may be time to invest in yourself, and start the year off with a session or two with a coach who can help you turn the corner.  Remember we don’t have to wait for 2015 to emerge to make new resolutions, we can commit to the ones we have just made every day.

Enjoy finding a way to achieve your goals – not just set them!   Robyn



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