Let Your Light Shine!

“Evil (ignorance)is like a shadow; it has no real substance of its own, it is simply a lack of light.  You cannot cause a shadow to disappear by trying to fight it, stamp on it, by railing against it, or any other form of emotional or physical resistance. In order to cause a shadow to disappear, you must shine light on it.”  Shakti Gawain

So often we know something happens but we don’t know enough about science or the natural laws to understand how that something happens.  For example we know electricity works but most of us don’t know exactly how.  The underlying understanding behind this quote is about the different speed of vibration of everything in the universe.  The slower the vibration the more dense or dark the object is.  A faster energy always supersedes a slower energy.

The emotions that we consider to be ‘negative’ have a slower energy than the ‘positive’ ones.  Slower energy could be fear! There can be what I would call real fears – stepping out in front of a moving car, which is something we need to pay attention to.  But some of the fears we have whirling around in our heads that create a lower energy, are based on the ‘what if’ fiction.  Recognising that fear can start because of an ‘ignorance,’ can help us to move into a ‘Polyanna’ energy, that give us a whole new perspective.  This in turn can attract more positive experiences.  In other words it shines light on the darkness of the fears.

Enjoy shining your light out into the world!

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