Life is a Roller Coaster of Painful Endings and New Beginnings

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

This could apply to a relationship, a job, a home, a belief or anything that causes us pain emotionally because it is ending. I’m sure you have all experienced this & you wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t, unless you’re a baby. Even that could be considered an ending, of life in the safety of the womb. These painful endings could be as a result of a choice we have made or a decision by someone else. Although it may not feel pleasant while in the experience of it all, when we look back from the safety of a happy new experience we may see that life has done us a favour, that would not have been as good if we had stayed in that toxic relationship or hadn’t moved to a home that suits your needs better.

At the time the pain can be too raw to recognise the gift we are being given. The first time I was aware of life not just rolling over from one year to the next and being pretty much the same, was when I left home as part of my training to be a physiotherapist. I could clearly see the demarcation from one set of circumstances to the next. There really wasn’t any pain in this move but there have been several since that weren’t as smooth sailing. Some of these changes have clearly made the way for experiences & opportunities that I might not have had in the old life. As they say hindsight is a great thing. The chance we have in these painful endings, is to see the opportunities for growth & embrace these endings with an attitude of the glass half-full. At the end of the day, this approach will yield better results for your new beginnings regardless of how you saw it from the place of the painful ending.

Enjoy approaching life with the expectation that some exciting new experiences could be just around the corner!

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