Live to Your Potential

“The greatest crime is not developing your potential.  When you do what you do best, you are helping not only yourself, but the world.  Roger Williams

Several years ago I was at a presentation where Les Brown, an amazing inspirational speaker, was pacing the floor.  I was emotionally moved when he said, “When you die, do you want all your dreams and desires around your bed saying, we came to you for life and now we have to die with you.”  I was choked up and it made me think how playing small helps no one.  I have heard of Les Brown’s background and the world has definitely been enriched from him living his potential and not allowing his past to hold him down.

Now that I’m aware of the potential we all have, to grow in some way, I’m inspired to encourage people around me to live from their hearts, or what some would call their gut instinct (including me of course).   To do their best, even though the goal posts may keep growing as the days and minutes pass.   Everything we do in this moment will create our future.  The question is, are you consciously creating that future, or allowing it to just happen.  As long as we live to the end of the year, we have the same number of minutes left as everyone else.  Are you going to live them by design or by accident?

Enjoy living to your potential!   Robyn

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