Logic Versus Emotion

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”   Dale Carnegie

We are all creatures of emotion and that is how sales people get us to buy anything. We then use our logic to justify our feelings and what we may have done (bought). As young children under the age of 7 we don’t have adult logic. Everything happening around us has a meaning so the emotions we feel, create the beliefs and conditions we live by. We use those beliefs and feelings to justify everything we do.

These beliefs have a powerful effect on all facets of our lives, whether we fully commit to what we are doing, whether we have good self-esteem or whether we create a victim life full of blame. However every day we can choose to change how we feel about our relationships, our goals and life, which in turn will help to create different actions and results. What can you do today to change how you feel about your circumstances and use your feelings to move towards the positive relationships you crave?


Enjoy feeling grateful for the good things in your life!

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