Mind Full or Mindfulness?

“And the funny thing about creating things, folks: we are creators. Nothing comes to us. Everything comes through us, from us. Everything in this world that happens to us comes from here, not out here. And everything that you have in your life is exactly what you designed, the dress you’re wearing, the coat you’re wearing, the tie you’re wearing, the necklace you’re wearing, the home you’re living in, the neighbours you’ve got, the friends you’ve got and the Senators you’ve got. So don’t blame me for people that you attracted.”   Earl Schoaff, Jim Rohn’s mentor.

Jim Rohn was probably the first speaker that I listened to on ‘audio tapes’ a lot when I first started on my personal development road. He often referred to his mentor but I hadn’t seen any of his work. There is so much evidence now about how we create our world, how we attract to us, the vibrational match for who we are, how we are feeling and thinking. When Earl Schoaff was uttering these words it was from a place of ‘knowing,’ but probably not from the background of the physics that has been done since then. There is still so much we don’t know.

I have spoken before about the people who are attracting what they don’t want but they are so attached energetically to what they don’t want, that they can’t see that energy flowing through them day in and day out. For some it is completely a lack of awareness that they can change their behaviour. For others it is an awareness of knowing how they can attract the things they want, but they are a vibrational match for that for such a short period of the day, that the other energy that they feel dominates. So what can you do daily to remind yourself throughout the day, of how you want to feel, the beliefs you want to have and the thoughts you want to be focusing on? The first thing is to remind yourself constantly is to notice what it is that you are feeling, thinking and believing in any given moment. If you don’t want to have those feelings, thoughts or beliefs then it is up to you to change them then & there. Remind yourself of what you have already decided to put in place for these occasions – a word, a phrase, some positive empowering thought.

Enjoy your mindfulness practice!

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