My Dad is a Chronic Worrier, What About You?

“Worrying about things that might never happen, increases their chances of happening.”   Mike Dooley

As it says in the cartoon, 95% of the things you worry about never happen. This can be true, but what also can be true, is that in fact you are attracting to you the very thing you don’t want into your life. This is because the Law of Attraction is always at work. Whatever your predominant thoughts & feelings are about, is what you will attract. Worries, doubts and fears always have emotion attached to them from the negative category. So whatever it is that we are expecting to go wrong, will have an element of that going on. If however we expect to find that car park right outside the door, or that we will meet the person who is able to help us exactly when we need them, then that is what becomes our reality.

As the wife says in the cartoon, “You worry too much, it doesn’t do you any good.” If we remember that every emotion we have, creates a physiological reaction in our bodies, we will want to try to keep that in a state of positive flow. The negative thoughts and feelings create chemicals that are not conducive to good health whereas the positive feelings of happiness, love and gratitude, create the feeling of wellbeing. What is it that you are wanting? I’m presuming you would like to be changing your thought patterns from ones of limitation to those of empowerment. One simple little thing we can all do when faced with something that crops up that disempowers us. In this situation most of us don’t feel like smiling & we often can tend to hang our head. If instead we smile & look up, it is very difficult for the body to feel that sense of disempowerment.

Enjoy practising this when with family who trigger us over the holidays!

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