New Perspectives

“If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.  Don’t complain.”  Maya Angelou

I have often talked about the choices we have in life.  We all know people who seemed to be able to make the best of the challenges they have been dealt out, and others who do nothing but complain about their lot in life, even though looking on we can’t see what they have to grumble about in comparison.  We all filter our experiences through the beliefs we hold about our life.  A belief is the mental acceptance of a statement or fact as true.  And all those messages we have gathered from our parents, teachers and other significant adults, have led us to believe certain things about our world that are ‘truths.’  However these ‘truths’ are not true for everyone else.

Next time you face something you don’t like, check on the filter of the glasses you are wearing.  Could your thoughts and feelings be influenced by the voices in your head, voices of people who are no longer even alive?  Notice if everyone else involved has the same reaction to your challenge.  Maybe the challenge actually has a ‘lesson’ for us, if we allow ourselves to change our attitude that is no longer serving us.  No one likes to listen to a complainer and as I’ve said before, complainers are victims to their outside world.  As Maya Angelou says, we all have 2 choices, to change the situation or change our perspective about it.

Enjoy making those choices!    Robyn

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