One Less New Year’s Resolution!

“We must acknowledge that there can be no hope of gratifying the senses permanently.  At best, the happiness we derive from eating a good meal can only last until the next time we are hungry.”  His Holiness the Dalai Lama

As we head into the season of eating and drinking too much – well a lot of us – it would do us good to remember that it can be hard to resist the ‘forbidden apple.’  The problem is they aren’t always forbidden exactly, it’s more about making the decision to show some discipline and be sensible.  But who wants to be sensible when you’re having a good time?  And who can resist the temptations when we’re tired and that extra glass of alcohol gives us the much needed boost to keep going?

Unfortunately we often end up feeling worse as we wake the next day with regrets about having blown our diet or savings budget.  Often it’s just a habit that can be broken, especially if you create a pact with a friend to support one another through this time.  Habits can be good and bad.  How about creating some better habits with the help of a mate!  Wouldn’t it be better if you could head into the New Year knowing you haven’t indulged the whim of over eating or drinking?  That would be one less New Year’s Resolution you would have to try and stick to!

Enjoy yourself this festive season without purely ‘gratifying the senses!’


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