Opportunity can Knock at Any Time! Are You Ready?

“Even when opportunity knocks, a person still has to get up off their seat & open the door.”

It’s interesting that I should see this quote today. I have been following one of the online gurus for a while who has just put out a book called “Opportunity.” Apparently it is about how to find and create opportunities in your business and your life. After studying and interviewing hundreds of millionaire and billionaire leaders , his number one discovery was that They were better at finding and creating opportunity in their lives. They were also better choosing the best ones, then growing those opportunities to success.

Unfortunately we often have threats or challenges between us and the thing we want to achieve. We can all choose different ways to handle those challenges. As a coach one of my tasks is to help people find what their challenges are. Often they know that something is blocking them but we need to find what their beliefs, their thoughts or their self-image is all about before they can find the blocks, deal with them and move forward. We have all had different experiences as children and growing up, that have created beliefs about the world that are not a truth for other people who have had different experiences. Often it only takes a minor tweak to get these people seeing the opportunities and moving towards them with more confidence and trust in themselves.

Enjoy finding the opportunities and choosing the best ones!

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