“Patience is a Virtue” – What Does that Mean?

“The word patience means the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us.”  Henri J. M Nouwen

I have often said that I was put on this earth to learn patience. It has not been a strong point for me. My HealthType® causes me to make quick decisions in fact, do everything quickly. This has been sorely tested over the past week in particular, with some stuff going on in my wider family. I had to talk to myself regularly to, “Let go and step back from the situation.”

In the end the outcome I thought should happen, did, and now this family member is ecstatic about the outcome. But it is his life and he had to see the way for himself, hard and all as it is standing by. As frustrating as it was to see the decision struggle, ultimately, I couldn’t make it for him and actually didn’t want to as there were risks involved and if the outcome hadn’t been as good as it is I might have regretted encouraging him.

So now I personally have to continue on my journey, focusing on the Letting go of the control I think I have over certain outcomes. I don’t. None of us do, but there is a paradox in the Law of Attraction. We can put out our desires to the universe but then we have to let go of the attachment to that outcome.

Patience dear friends, patience, to let life unfold in its own Divine timing!

That can be difficult in this time of the instant everything. Our beliefs play a huge part & attached to those, are the words we use to ourselves & to the world, reinforcing the understanding of what we think we deserve, what we were told as children or how we were treated, that have created those beliefs in the first place. That story of our past never has to continue. We can write the future the way we want if we believe we can. This is where the patience comes in to keep putting one foot in front of the other towards the life we want & hold on to the belief that it can & will happen as long as we don’t keep thinking about the negatives of our situation.

Enjoy being patient in the face of adversity!

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