Perfectionism versus Productivity!

“Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism…. Confronting your fears & allowing yourself the right to be human can, paradoxically, make you a far happier & more productive person.”  David M. Burns

There is definitely a relationship between perfectionism & productivity.  When we are afraid that whatever we do won’t be good enough, our creativity freezes up.  To enjoy a colourful creative, vibrant & successful life, we have to trust in the inspirations that come to us, & act with faith that if we simply do our best & keep moving forward, everything will work out fine.  Striving for excellence is different from striving for perfection.

I have had a tendency over the years to judge myself as falling short because I haven’t done a perfect job, by my standards.  Judging ourselves is not empowering.  This feeling can be heavy or uncomfortable or basically not feeling good. The word, allow, comes to mind – “to allow myself to contribute in life the best I can.”  This stops the procrastination – if I haven’t done something, I can’t be judged, by them or me.  If however I’m OK about just taking part, doing my best in this present moment, I can relax & enjoy the experience. And experience is what I get by just starting, even if heading on the wrong track – this in itself can empower & give satisfaction.

Enjoy facing the fears & limiting beliefs!

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