Quicksand or Springboard?

“Let your past become your springboard, not your quicksand.”  Steve Maraboli

There is so much evidence coming out now that supports the concept that ‘our biography becomes our biology.’ This is the subtitle to a great book, “Childhood Disrupted,” by Donna Jackson Nakazawa. It is really helpful that research is now connecting the events of our past to our present health so that we understand there are other reasons than the straight physical or genetic input. However this is not then an excuse to point the finger of blame in someone else’s direction & allow that to hold our healing back.

Although this book is relating adverse childhood experiences to our health, the same applies to our emotional and psychological state. So much of my work revolves around this issue of helping the understanding of my clients, and then knowing that, to help them get their feet out of the quicksand, as they may see it, and move forward to their goals and dreams. To help them recognise the strategies of behaviour that they may have put in place as a pre-schooler, subconsciously of course. To help them recognise that although these strategies were appropriate back then, they may well not be now. To see that it may now be time to reframe how they look at life and make different choices about how they respond to life’s challenges. What lessons have you learnt from your past, that have given you positive experiences for the rest of your life?

Enjoy using that springboard to avoid the quicksand!

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