Remind Yourself How Special You Are!

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and NEVER GIVE UP!”  Anon

Wow does this resonate with me.  There was a time, luckily a few years ago now, when this was very difficult.  I must have had remnants of self-worth that got me out of bed eventually.  I sought help and now that is history as they say.  But we can all have those mornings when it would be easy to stay in bed and live our lives by default, as I was talking about last week, instead of getting up and living by design.  Taking one step forward no matter how small.

I still feel gratitude for a shower first thing in the morning as the hot water splashes over my body.  Gratitude as you’ve heard from me before, is an amazing energy that is a great pick me up.  If things don’t seem to be going that well it may be difficult to find something to be grateful for, but believe me it is worth finding even the smallest thing to help lift the energy.  It may not be easy, but you have to know you are worth it.  These days I have 2 photos in front of me. One is of my grandchildren who bring a smile to my face just looking at them.  The other is of me as a 2 year old and she is so cute.  I owe it to these 3 people, to help others in the world know how special they are.

Enjoy feeling how special you are, you won’t want to give up!

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