Replace the Familiar with the Unfamiliar and Make Familiar!

“Habits are like financial capital – forming one today is an investment  that will automatically give out returns for years to come.”  Shawn Anchor

Of course we can have good and bad habits, which ultimately we are conditioned to believe, according to our families and society. If we have a habit that is not supporting our journey to get to our chosen goal, then it is probably not a habit we want to continue. If however we have a habit that is positively empowering us to affect our own lives and those around us, then we will usually feel it is a good one to continue. The trick is in letting go of the ones we don’t want, and strengthening the ones we know are in our best interest.

A lot of you will have set New Year’s Resolutions to kick the ‘bad’ habits to touch and replace them with habits you see being congruent with the goals you want to achieve for 2017. How is it going? Are you still sticking steadfastly to your intentions, or have you already found yourself slipping into the old familiar routines. As Marissa Peer, a well-known hypnotherapist says, “we need to learn to make the familiar, unfamiliar and the unfamiliar, familiar.” Sound like double-dutch? What she is saying. We need to let go of the old habits and replace them with the new ones. As she says we are neurologically wired to go for what is familiar. So how about taking a leaf from her book, and when faced with a challenge when we start on the road to change, to say to ourselves, “this is unfamiliar but I can make it familiar.” We will probably have to work at it, but it can be worth it to look back in a year’s time and see the changes we have made that will have repercussions well into the future.

Enjoy making those new positive empowering habits familiar!

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