Start a Hugging Epidemic!

“A hug is a great gift – one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange.”

I have just been running an acupuncture workshop and we were all strangers at the start but by the end of the weekend we had bonded and definitely wanted to say goodbye with a hug. Some people find it easier to hug than others and quite happy to take on a stranger, but a lot of us are a little more reticent and are quite selective about who we approach to make that gesture. We may feel vulnerable about expressing that connection of ‘love’ to someone we don’t know that well, however human contact is important for us to release the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin into our system. It may be easier to accept someone else’s hug for a start so that we can feel the connection to another human being. As the quote says it can then be easy to exchange, so that the person who reached out does not feel rejected.

Human touch is so important for our development and a lot of the world are deprived of this right from the start. A hug transfers that feeling of ‘love’ from one to the other. When we don’t get that at an early age, we deduce that we are unlovable or other such beliefs that are not supportive to our young minds. We may grow up with a sense of being on our own in the world. In trying to find something or someone to love us, we may turn to drugs, alcohol, cults and joining groups that will make us feel wanted, even though the group may not be the type that most of us would want to be associated with. So even if it feels as though you’re stretching that hugging boundary, how about giving it a go for a few days and just see what happens.

Enjoy hugging – not just trees, but one another!

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