Struggle Leads to Strength

“Just because you are struggling does not mean you are failing.  Every great success requires some struggle to get there.”  Unknown

Time and time again we hear that we learn from our mistakes.  That we become stronger as we bounce back from setbacks.  I’m sure if you were to look back, you would benefit from hindsight, and see the strength of character that you have developed because of some experience that you thought you would rather not have had.  This is why it is so important to set a goal that means something to you, that you really want to achieve, your WHY!  It is then easier to set your will and move past the challenges.

Having time with people who understand what you are trying to do and are keen to see you be successful, is important.  There are too many people who feel uncomfortable when you take strides forward, who don’t want to be left behind but not prepared to put in the effort.  The best way for them, is to see you struggle and to support you to stay small.  Keep your focus on those who want to see you succeed and remember that we are all powerful beyond belief and can achieve great things, no matter how hard the struggle or how many ‘failures.’  It’s how many times you bounce back that is important.

Enjoy bouncing to success!    Robyn

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