The Evolutionary Force is Alive in You!

“Seeking perfection is an aspect of the evolutionary force that lives through everyone. If the evolutionary impulse is ALIVE in you, so is dissatisfaction.”  David Deida

For many years I got the message that wanting to grow and evolve meant that I must be unhappy about my life. I felt judged because I wanted to grow. And yet I felt that I was very happy and grateful, I might add, for the life I had. It’s just that there is always a part of me that is pushing me forward. I can choose to listen to that or I can become complacent and settle for the life I’m living. It could mean that I feel stuck, as so many of my clients do, when they turn up for coaching. It could mean a sense of frustration or dissatisfaction because I’m not sharing my gifts and talents with others.

Often we hear that we should get rid of the clutter in our lives. Recently I heard a guy speaking about this and he talked of clearing out the things that we are ‘settling’ about. I have been noticing lots of little things that need to be cleaned up, cleared out. Things I have been just walking past and ignoring for too long. This is one way I have been satisfying my need to grow. And I am also constantly stretching to grow internally as well as externally to satisfy that little voice pushing me forwards. I am learning to embrace my dissatisfaction. We all have special gifts to offer to the world, and when we stop evolving into the person who wants to share these in the best way we know how, everyone else misses out as well as ourselves.

Enjoy reaching, stretching, and growing!

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