The Ramblings of an Older Woman

No quote today ladies and gentlemen, just some ramblings about how I see lives around me evolving. I was asked to do a presentation at our local ‘Women in Business’ group last week and I chose to give them an over view of the winding path I have been on since deciding that I want to help people in a different way than I had, when working as a physiotherapist. We can all choose our path, but some of us feel for many different reasons that we have to stay as a lawyer or school caretaker or whatever. Often this is at the expense of saying ‘no’ to what’s trying to get our attention from deep inside. For whatever reason we ignore the messages our body is giving us until we get sick, have a major accident, or listen to a friend and make the change of pathway. Whatever we say yes to, means we are probably saying no, to something else. For some, these yes’ are conditioned in us. We don’t necessarily want to go to the job we’re tied to but we can’t see any options, so we ‘suffer in silence.’” I’m grateful I have a job when others around me don’t, I feel their stress.”

It was my husbands’s death that gave me the impetus to do ‘something else.’ Initially I pushed on through, ‘being strong’ as is my way, until my body said, “No, you’re not listening to the lessons we have been trying to give you.” It was because of the help that I had for my anxiety, fear and depression that I decided to move in a different direction. I learnt to follow my heart/gut and do what felt right or good at the time. These messages have taken me on a tortuous road to where I am today. They have given me a range of tools that have all contributed to my own wellbeing so I know they can help others. They have brought me to some interesting personalities and relationships – all lessons I would not have had, if I hadn’t sought help. In New Zealand, we tend to have that attitude, “She’ll be right mate,” or a DIY mentality. For most things these attitudes work fine, but when it comes to our mental, emotional and spiritual health we often need help to course correct. Not because we’re broken or because there is something wrong with us, but purely because our soul is crying out to move in a different direction. It may feel scary to reach out but it is easier with help than without, believe me.

Enjoy listening to your inner wisdom and reach out if you’ve had enough of struggling on your own!

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