Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Produce Your Attitude and Results.

“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand with your actions.”  Dr Steve Maraboli

Our thoughts are definitely where everything starts. What we think then creates a vibration. If the thought is positive or alive with possibility, then the vibration is high. If the thought is full of fear the negative what ifs then our vibration is low. We can all see how the energy is in people. It is reflected in their posture, their language and tone of voice. We all have a part of the brain called the ‘Reticular Activating System,’ that is responsible for scanning our environment to find a match for what we are thinking and feeling. The Law of Attraction is based on this fact. So often, people complain that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. They read the affirmations and get engaged with the feeling of attracting/manifesting what they want, but unfortunately that may be for only a short time of the day. For the rest of the time they are indulging in doubts and fears, so this is what they attract more of.

The vibration or feeling is what dictates what we do with our opportunities. These actions are going to be reflecting the inner beliefs that drive our thoughts and feelings. The results we get are ultimately are at the end of the chain of these other 3 components. Paying attention to what we think and therefore feel, is paramount, if we want those actions to be positive, energetic and vibrant. Try jotting down each day what you have thought in response to something that has happened or in fact hasn’t happened. This may give you an idea of whether what you are asking for is being matched in energy and action throughout the day. We can’t change anything until we know what we are doing now!

Enjoy learning about your predominant thoughts, beliefs and feelings!

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