To Be Or Not To Be!

“The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are”

The word decision is a huge one. Whether we know it or not we are making decisions every minute of the day. We are choosing whether to stay lying in bed for another 15 minutes after the alarm, or whether we get up. So sometimes decisions don’t seem that big, but if we continually make these sorts of decisions, mostly by default, we get results that may be mediocre at best. Just think if you got up 15 minutes earlier every morning of your life, how many hours extra you would be adding, so that you can achieve something you have been trying to find time for. You may not be enjoying where your life is at, in this present moment, but until the pain of staying there is worse than the fear to move forward, you won’t be motivated to go anywhere else.

Sometimes we can just make that decision on our own because it isn’t going to impact others on a daily basis. It might impact them for the better long term and that might be the reason we have chosen to get off our butts and make some changes. However there may be bigger changes like changing careers or taking a rise that might impact other family members because you’ll be away from home more or your hours of work may be longer. We may have to consult someone else with knowledge we don’t have as to whether our next decision is wise in light of some new information. But if you want to move because you are unhappy where you are, it is ultimately up to you to make the decision to the best of your ability in light of all the facts. And as John Assaraf says, “Don’t just be interested, be committed.”

Enjoy making conscious decisions!

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