Trust Your Instincts

“Who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on conversation with a stranger?  Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle.  Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence.  Trust your instincts.  Do the unexpected.  Find the others.”  Timothy Leary

No doubt you have heard of intention, where the meaning is about the purpose of your life.  However there is also another more spiritual meaning as we consider the blueprint of the acorn is to be an oak tree, and that of a caterpillar is to be a butterfly.  Because we humans have minds and are able to think, our desires are often put out into the universe in a wave form, as an intention.

I have met a young English guy who tells his own powerful story.  He really wanted to meet a particular author and speaker so much he took himself to the states in the hopes of meeting him.  He went to a retreat out in the desert, and at one of the breaks he sat outside on a bench beside an older woman.  She struck up conversation and asked why had he come to the US?  He replied that he had come to see this particular man he admired so much.  There was a silence before she said, “That man is my husband.”  The door was opened and Christian had the introduction to train and work with his hero.  This type of serendipitous occasion can happen to any of us if we are open to the possibility.

Enjoy being open to your instincts!   Robyn

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