Try Flying with the Eagles!

“If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.” Anon

Like the butterfly we have to shed all the things that are going to hold us back from our past. Just as the cocoon is holding the butterfly from flying, our limiting beliefs can keep us from reaching our potential. I don’t know whether the caterpillar has a lot of negative chatter like we can indulge in, but its intention is to become a beautiful butterfly and it does.  What is it that you intend to do but it feels like life is holding you back, weighing you down? What is the conversation going on your head that is telling you, ‘you can’t do it,’ that you’re not good enough, or you’re a failure. Believing those disempowering thoughts lower our self-belief, self-esteem or self-confidence. In this place of low energy it can be easy to ‘stay with the turkeys instead of flying with the eagles.’

How many generations have passed believing what you’ve also been taught? One of my coaches told a story about looking at a turnip at the supermarket, not long after her met his wife.  She asked what he was going to do with it. When he replied that he was going to eat it, she said, “we give that to the pigs, and we eat the greens.” He wondered how far back he would go before he found who had made that decision about whether to eat the root or the greens. Most of these disempowering beliefs we have are just like this turnip and not everyone has been told the same story. What if you were to replace that belief that isn’t serving you, to a positive empowering one? You would be soaring with the eagles in no time.

Enjoy discarding the thoughts and beliefs that are weighing you down!

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