Unlock Your Inner Instinct!

“Pay attention to whatever inspires you, for it is ‘spirit’ trying to communicate with you, that’s why it’s called’ inspiration’ as ‘inspirit.’ Listen to it, believe it, and act on it.”

For some of you using the word spirit, in the sense of communication, may be uncomfortable or not something you are used to doing. To talk about your gut instinct or connecting from the heart may be much more natural. All are giving us information that we are not reading out of a book or hearing from another human being. We all have other ways of getting information that we are comfortable to act on. Sometimes we can take a specific time each day to ‘tune in’ to hear what this information is. Other times it may just suddenly come when we are doing things that are completely unrelated. We all have the ability to hear this inspirational information but because of our conditioning we may feel uncomfortable about it, we may be sceptical or we may just not believe the information we are being given.

If you are open to experimenting with your inspirational messages, you could start to give yourself even 5 minutes a day to just sit quietly, focusing on your breath and don’t give up if you feel ‘nothing is happening.’ At other times notice ‘coincidences’ that you may already be experiencing and follow up on them. E.g. something was telling you take an umbrella when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but you chose to reason with your intellectual mind and left it at home. Later the clouds rolled in and down came the rain. Another thing we can do if we get a feeling about someone, is to ask them if ‘such and such, ‘ is correct. If you are correct, you may start to feel more confident about listening to your gut instinct on a regular basis, then believe it and act on it.

Enjoy connecting to your inspiration!

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