Walls of Hurt and Sadness

“The walls we build around us to keep out sadness also keep out the joy.”  Jim Rohn

Luckily life doesn’t go in a straight line or along a flat road.  It is from the valleys that we are able to appreciate the beauty of the mountains.  When we’ve had a day of rotten weather we really enjoy the days of sunshine.  It may be hard to believe, that living in a climate that is fairly constant year in & year out, can get a bit boring.  And so it is with our emotions.  As human beings, life can have more meaning if we allow ourselves to experience the ups and downs of the journey.

If we’ve been hurt at some stage, it is tempting to think that the best way to handle future disappointments and hurts, is to build the wall around our heart to prevent the ‘enemy’ getting near.  But of course then no one, not even the love of your life, can cross into your heart.  It may feel safer but the highs and lows of life get flattened out into gentle undulations.  The valleys don’t feel so low and deep but the highs don’t give us that same rush of hormones that make us feel good.  Everything is watered down.  Ultimately emotions are just energy in motion, labelling it as good or bad is just that – a label.  It can feel courageous to let down the barriers, to allow ourselves to feel the comfortable and uncomfortable.

Enjoy taking down the walls that numb!   Robyn

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