Warm Wishes to All My Readers!

Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more…”  Dr. Seuss

After the circumstances of 2020 I think we can all agree with this sentiment. It has been a year of supporting others and trying to nurture ourselves. Stress was already a huge part of many lives, but this has escalated as people or loved ones become ill, as people lose their jobs or have their businesses verge on collapse, or we simply can’t connect with friends and family as we need to. This year, more than ever, is a time to not only over indulge with what we put in our mouths, but also a time to reflect on what we have been through over the last 9 months or so. As usual there will be a certain percentage of us who continue to go through things we would rather not have to deal with, but that is life, and continuing to reflect on who we are becoming through these challenges, is a big part of our evolution as a human being on Earth at this time.

Hopefully you are all able to share this time of connection with someone. We can focus on those who are unable to be with us because they live in another country or we can choose to focus on how much we can enjoy the time with those who are with us. Weather here in Dunedin has not been what most would call summer and rather than dream about a white Xmas we tend to want the weather to be fine so we can sit around the Barbie, but we can’t do anything about the weather either. This year most of my Xmas cards and letters may not get there before Santa comes down the chimney, but I hope the recipients can enjoy them when they do arrive, rather than judge me for being a normal human being who is running late.

I wish all of you reading this, a wonderful time of connection with another human being over this period, because as Dr Seuss says, that’s what Xmas is about, to most of us.

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