We Don’t Have to be Broken to Change!

“Broken crayons still colour.”

In the world of life coaching and personal development it is easy to put out a message that people need to change because they are broken in some way; that they need to be fixed. If we believe that about ourselves, we often use that label as a crutch or an excuse to stay stuck where we are even though we say we want to move out of that place. It can be too easy to say, “I can’t do it because….. It can be a way of procrastinating, a way of justifying why we are keeping the brakes on our life’s dreams.

The truth is we all have the tools we need every day to do the things we dream of doing not because we are broken. Look around in your own life and see where you are limiting yourself, preventing that perfect you from moving forward. We all have hurdles or challenges in life. Use those broken crayons to paint the picture of your dreams. Recognise the character building challenges needed to grow into that dream. Not because you are broken, but because every living thing grows until it dies. Not following our purpose and passion can cause us to die inside prematurely.  Colour your life with the best those crayons have left to offer.

Enjoy painting your life the colours of the rainbow!

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