What Are You Dragging Through Life That is Weighing You Down?

“Even better than ceaselessly pushing that boulder to the top of the mountain, is letting go of what you no longer need to carry.”  Author unknown

Sometimes we cling on to a situation we really don’t like, because it is familiar & it is too scary to take a step into the new direction.  We fear the unknown more than a future in a life that is not nurturing the development of our life’s purpose.  A life that is frustrating, because we keep repeating the same job, the same relationships, the same mindless activities & we’re not living with the passion we were born with.  Pretty much everything that aggravates us is something we are free to leave behind if we choose to. And now is a time a lot of us are having to make the change, we no longer have the choice, it has been forced on us. Unfortunately you may not feel you can get support from others around you because we are all going through some form of discomfort, upheaval, cr..!

So now may be the time that the universe is asking you to step up, to do something maybe you have been wanting to do for a while but haven’t chosen to do that YET! I was hearing yesterday that it took an acquaintance to be electrocuted to jolt her into the reality of her situation. She hasn’t looked back. Once we are through whatever and we look back we realise that whatever that horrible situation called us to do has actually been one of the best things that happened to us – they say hindsight is a great thing.

But maybe Covid hasn’t changed a lot physically, maybe it has changed your thinking or your perception of the parts of your life that you unhappy to stay in and you want to let go of. If you’re struggling with a goal, a job or relationship it could be a sign that you’re being called to make new choices & head in a new direction.  I think back to when my children were small.  They often got cranky just before they made the next milestone.  Have you heard the phrase, “Whatever you resist, persists?”  What is it going to take, to let go of your past beliefs that are holding you back, causing you anxieties & fears?

So what can you let go of to lighten your load?

Enjoy lightening the load!

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