What Are You Most Afraid of Doing?

“Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”

How many of you are in a relationship that is disempowering or down right toxic and you know you shouldn’t be there but for some reason you stay? How many are in a job that is unfulfilling but you don’t feel you can afford to move on or don’t have the energy to look elsewhere or settle, thinking that is the best you can do? It all boils down to what you believe you can be, do or have. Beliefs that come from the heart are the strongest message that is going out from us into the universe. And according to the ‘Law of Attraction,’ we attract to us what we are engaged with the most. When the fear sets in to disrupt the positive vibration that we are trying to put out, we have to work extra to disrupt those negative vibrations.

The more vested we are in the positive outcome, the more the poor subconscious works to remind us of all the times we have messed up in the past. One of its jobs is to keep us safe. It works tirelessly to make sure we don’t repeat mistakes from our past, to keep putting doubts in the way of our clear vision of the dreams we have, and make us fear anything looming up that looks like failure to it. The bigger and more audacious these dreams are the more the fear kicks in. If we can accept that and push forward into that scary situation, the resulting success of achieving the very thing we are so scared of, melts the fear away….until next time!  Yes we have to take note of the fear that tells us not to step off that cliff without a parachute, but the fear of the future or things that could go wrong is not a real fear – it feels like it, because the stress response kicks in, but usually you are not in any immediate danger.

Enjoy stepping through the FEAR barrier!

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