What Are You Ordering Off the Menu of Life?

“Desire is the effort of the unexpressed possibility within you, attempting to express itself through you in physical form.” – Wallace D Wattles

New Year is a big time of desires coming to the front of our minds. As we get busy leading up to Xmas, a lot of us try to ignore the fact that we haven’t actually got a lot closer to our desires that we started with in the New Year. We were full of hope that this year was going to be different. But somehow life got in the way. We slowly drifted back into the ways that were familiar, away from trying something new. This metaphysical idea that our thoughts are just things, still in an abstract form, is something we may struggle with. We may still consider it Woo Woo to believe that we can change our reality just by focusing on different thoughts. Wallace D Wattles wrote the book “The Science of Getting Rich.” Of course we all think of rich as in, more money than we currently have, but he was meaning rich in the wider sense of the word and one of the chapters of this book was what the movie “The Secret,” was based on.

The Law of Attraction is always working whether we think we are connected or not. Just because you put in your order for something off the menu of life, does not mean the waitress is going to bring it to you, especially if you keep changing your mind or you’re not specific enough for the chef to fully understand your desires. Stay with this concept of ordering a meal for a minute. If you kept changing your order that the waitress took out to the kitchen, you can see that the chef might get a tad confused as to what exactly it is that you want to arrive on your plate.  This is what happens when we spend 5 minutes each morning focusing on our dream life, before hopping into the car to go to work. Before we even get there, someone has cut us off, the lights turn red and we’re conscious we really should have got out of bed earlier so that we could leave for work in better time. Those thoughts are the orders that are then going out into the kitchen of the universe. If the stressed thoughts, the negative thoughts or pessimistic thoughts are the dominant ones, that is what we attract because that is the order the chef is getting, day in and day out. So for that short 5 minutes of meditation in the morning the chef sits up and takes notice that something new is being ordered but unless it stays that way, the chef is going to continue to serve up what is your most common, focused order. And this is how we know what are predominant thoughts are, when we see what is being served up to us on a daily basis. So if you want that to change, you will need to change that regular order.

Enjoy starting the order change on New Year’s Eve.

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