What Beliefs Do You Have that Are Creating Your Reality?

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and a belief in the thing makes it happen.”  Frank Lloyd Wright

So what are beliefs? They are things we hold to be true. What are the things that you hold to be true? Think of the times you have had very different beliefs to someone you know. They have been told things over their time on this earth and at some point in time they hold those statements to be true while at the same time you hold diametrically opposite statements to be the truth. So who is right? Because our beliefs create our reality we both understandably consider them to be the truth. We are looking at our reality through a different lense.

I’m sure you’ve all heard before, probably on one of these newsletters, that our beliefs, thoughts and emotions create a wave of energy. A part of our brain goes searching for that reality to prove that it is indeed a truth. When we find it we can say to ourselves, “See I knew that to be true.” At the same time our next door neighbour has a different belief & attracts a completely different reality. What is it you want to create that is not already happening in your life? Take note and change the self-talk and thoughts  that are your predominant pattern. Perhaps you’re not noticing. If that’s the case, it is time to be observant of what you think about everything that is going on In your life. Hold on to the thoughts that are going to create the life you want and take action to move towards the things that are searching for you so you can connect.

Enjoy holding on to those empowering creative thoughts and beliefs!

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