What Circumstances Reveal Who You Are?

“My circumstances do not make me what I am, they reveal who I have chosen to be.”  Wayne Dyer

Did you realise that you can choose to be someone different than you are today. And no you don’t have to be inauthentic. We are changing all the time to talk and interact with different people in a different way. We are doing that by default and we may sometimes behave in a way that we are not proud of because we have been triggered another person or circumstance. We all see life through a set of filters that have built up over the years through all our different experiences. Things that happen look like a past experience that wasn’t happy or didn’t have a good outcome and our subconscious responds to protect us so we don’t feel the pain of that situation again.

But we can learn to respond differently, we can choose to behave in a way that we feel better as a result. We all know people and circumstances that cause us to feel an emotion that we don’t like or we allow it to disempower us. We may respond in a heated way, we may shrink into ourselves as a victim might, but if we recognise that the situation is upsetting us or triggering us to remember old situations and the response we had back then, we can choose to do it differently this time. We all know the family members or old friends who know us so well, that they are able to push our buttons by reminding us of things that have happened in the past, things that we would rather forget. Unfortunately we never really forget them, they get stored in a part of the brain that stores all experiences we have ever had. If we can learn to listen or feel into what the body is trying to tell us, we can learn to do it differently. Tell the subconscious that it is quite safe to make the changes, and then our behaviour will reflect that to reveal who we have chosen to become.

Enjoy learning a more empowering way to respond to life!

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