What do the Stars Mean to You?

“Don’t expect only happiness in your life.  There are going to be dark times, but remember that stars need darkness to shine.”  Anon

I went to a beautiful temple in New Delhi, 3 or 4 years ago. There was a sign that said, “This too will pass.”  Most of us probably are hopeful when things are not how we would like, but to recognise that it is also true for the happy times, isn’t such an easy pill to swallow.  Unfortunately the swings & roundabouts are not always evenly placed.  As I write this I have just got off the phone from a friend telling me that her brother had been killed in a car crash in Europe.  I’m sure his wife will be in the darkness for a while, but hopefully she will be able to see the stars shining before too long. I hope that those stars will be the reminders of all the good times they had together over 40 + years of marriage, the happy times.

Often it is the unhappy times, the dark times, that make us appreciate the good times, the light.  Being able to appreciate those little sparkling stars when we are in the midst of darkness may be hard to do.  But it may be all that is needed, to help us go on, when there is a part of us that wants to give up. When we have a happy cycle it is important to cherish it, and when we have the dark part of the cycle it is important to remember that just like the stars we need the darkness to shine.

Enjoy the dark as well as the light!

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