What do You do With Your Free Time?

“No such thing as spare time. No such thing as free time. No such thing as down time. All you’ve got is life time. Go!   Henry Rollins

I have been conscious of time since I was a teenager. Always feeling it is the most important commodity we have in our lives. I’m judgemental of people who waste time. But aah what is wasting time I hear you ask? We all have a concept of what is important to us and of course the times when we should or shouldn’t do whatever, comes into the equation as well. There can be days when I’m in my busyness and I see people interacting and I think, “I should do more of that.” There are other days when I’m enjoying my time socialising and think, “I really need to be working.”

This is where mindfulness comes in. If we have chosen to be working then it is important to be 100% committed to the space we are in right now with no regrets. The same goes for the time we enjoy with friends and family. If we have planned some ‘downtime’ from the busyness of our lives we can then look forward to the break from work knowing we deserve to be having fun with friends. But we should not consider that time as spare time, free time or down time but rather purposeful self-support time that is part of our life time.

Enjoy your life time

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