What Does Mindfulness Mean to You?

“If we cling to the idea of hope in the future, we might not notice the peace and joy that are available in the present moment. The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment.” Tich Nhat Hanh


Tich Nhat Hanh is one of the first people I heard talking about mindfulness and living in every moment. This morning I went on a webinar that was run by a health group who all live by their understanding of the epigenetic group that their body is ruled by. I may have mentioned this before. Each one of us belongs in one of 6 groups according to our bio-energetics.


We have understood over the years, that there is a thing called genetics, which we believed were set in concrete. It turns out however that there are some that are permanent and others that can be transformed. The ones we can change are talked about as epigenetics. Each one of these 6 different epigenetic types are driven by a set of different hormones or chemicals.


So this morning, one person from each epigenetic group was answering questions about how they saw mindfulness. It was interesting to hear how each person who talked had a different perspective on what the act of mindfulness meant to them, and how and when was their best time of the day. These characteristics they talked about, are commonalities for their group so a lot of light bulbs going off for those of us who could relate to what the representative from our group was saying.


At the end of the day each one was talking about the same thing, using the moment, to drop out of our busyness and enjoy the moment for what it is. We can stop waiting for some magical perfect moment in the future and live it right now!


Enjoy being mindful at some stage every day!

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