What Does Your Life Mean to You?

“The meaning of life is to give life meaning.”  Viktor Frankl

You may have read Frankl’s wonderful little book, “Man’s Search for Meaning.”  If not it is a great read.  He survived Auschwitz when his parents, brother and wife perished.  How he learned to handle the horrors lead him to be an Internationally renowned psychiatrist when he was released.  He had to find some sort of meaning in his life to keep going when others succumbed.  One meaning was the love he remembered for his wife.  He saw the truth: “that love is the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire.” The ‘inner life’ kept him going in the face of his bleak external conditions.

He also talks of how “humour was another of the soul’s weapons to help them rise above their situation.”  Because he was a doctor he had opportunities to use those skills rather than just the digging or other mindless tasks.  Even though it sometimes put his life at more risk, the comforting and helping sick patients gave him the meaning to go on.  Another time when he had an opportunity to escape he had what he called an unpleasant feeling but when he made the decision to stay with his patients that feeling left him.

We don’t need to go through the horrors that he faced to find our own meaning and purpose to life.  We can turn the phrase around as he has done to give the life we have, meaning.  Listen to our body intelligence, to tune in to what feels good, and therefore has some ‘meaning factor’ to it.

Enjoy feeling the meaning!

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