What Future Have You Planned for Yourself?

The future is something, which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” – C.S. Lewis

We have a choice in whatever we do in life.  We can choose to have a life by default or we can choose to design a life that we want to live.  If we live another year we will all get 365 days to give our life for. Why not do something that empowers you with energy as you follow your passion and live those days by design!  Who knows what the future will feel like as you fuel your body with positive energy. Of course we can talk about the future but in reality we never experience it as the future – only as the now, in every second of the day.

And who knows how many more minutes we have left in our lives. I have a friend who had a hip replacement and there were a list of things she was told she couldn’t do again. Initially she became a bit depressed to think about changing her whole lifestyle, but once her hip was healed she decided to defy the surgeon. As she said, “why not enjoy it now? I could go under a bus tomorrow.” That hip has stood the test of time & when she needed the other hip done several years later, they had changed the instructions & she was told she could do what she wanted on it. As I said at the start we all have that choice to fill up those sixty minutes each hour with positive choices, or not. And for those of you reading this with physical conditions that do restrict what you can do physically, I would like to think you have made choices to fill up the sixty minutes like the rest of us with things that you can & you want to do.

Enjoy your life of design!

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