What Have You Got on Your Bucket List?

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.”  Anon

As I’m someone a bit longer in the tooth than some of you reading this, I chose for my tagline some time ago, “Youth and Vitality at Any Age.”  I am so excited about this transformational industry that I’m in.  It isn’t restricted to any age, so I can be part of it, I can choose at any time I want, to make the changes I want to, and SO CAN YOU!  I no longer want to live the expectations of others.  I have my own guidelines, goals and dreams.

The energy of the world that follows the Law of Attraction is always constant for anyone in the world.  In fact it is operating whether you want it to, whether you know about it or not.  If you have a positive thought it operates, if you have a negative thought it operates.  Like attracts like, so what are the goals and dreams you want to attract!  As long as we’re alive we all have the same number of minutes in every year.  How do you want to spend yours?  Do you want to use your minutes and follow the dream of someone else, or do you want to follow those dreams you have burning deep inside, that just won’t go away.  Never let anyone else tell you are you are too old for anything that you really want to do, that you’ve got on your ‘bucket list.’  Just make sure your insurance is up to date & go for it!

Enjoy living your dream!

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