What is Chakradance?

Feel like your mind never gets a rest!  The Chakradance™ classes I offer can give you a break.  What is CHAKRADANCE™?

The chakras are a series of 7 energy centres in the body, each having a specific relationship with the development of our lives, based on Eastern energy system concepts.  Chakradance™ is a series of 9 classes that are what I would term more of a meditation with movement, where we move as little or as much as we want.  Each chakra has its own vibration and the music is specially chosen to resonate with each of the 7 chakras.  The classes are broken down into 1 for the introductory class and 1 at the end for integration with the 7 in the middle focusing on 1 of each of the chakras each week.

Most of us lead busy lives and get caught up in the world of our thoughts.  Any meditation is aimed at getting us out of that world of repetitive and conditioned thoughts, and to do that there is an expectation that we will sit or lie still and usually do something like focus on our breathing. 

Chakradance™ however is using the focus on movement and a particular chakra to allow us to come out of our heads for a while.  This allows a freeing up of blocked energy, a deepened connection to your true, authentic self & open you to a deeper experience of life.  Chakradance™ aims to restore health to our chakras which are the gateways to integrating mind, body & spirit.

As the facilitator I give a short explanation of the chakra, to give a sense of how that energy affects us each day.  And where it is in the body to encourage that direction inward to the particular energy centre we are ‘feeling into’ for that session.

As an added bonus we also experience a creative exercise based on a mandala so that we can reflect on and express our experiences in the dance.  Creating the mandala is an intuitive and spontaneous process, so we encourage participants to try not to analyse what is happening, and just allow the process to unfold in its own spontaneous way.

Most participants find it a powerful experience, so if it sounds like something you would like to try, I am starting a new series here in Dunedin in February.  I am holding 2 separate classes, one on Mondays at 1pm starting on Feb 17th and one on Wednesdays at 5.30pm starting on Feb 19th.    If you would like to join me and those who have already registered, or if you are interested but can’t come at this time, please make contact as I will be running more classes at a time that may suit you better. 

Contact me (Robyn) on Ph:   03 456 2246 or   cell:   021 281 6438. 

Or you may wish to indicate your interest in attending by emailing me on: info@rejuvenatelife.co.nz

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