What is Most Important to You, Time or Money?

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”   Jim Rohn

I can remember even as a teenager, being acutely conscious of how I spent my time, I didn’t ever want to waste a second. If you agree with Jim Rohn then you are probably applauding my sentiment. But what it has done is made me a slave to time. I feel guilty if I’m a bit frivolous with time, if I choose to allow myself to get lost in catching up with people on facebook. I’m sure you’ve all been there. Maybe not the guilt, as that is such a destructive emotion. Being careful with each minute can be so responsible, but also it can feel like the energy of scarcity. And I don’t want to encourage that one. I was brought up with parents who went through the Depression, and even though we were in what would be termed, a ‘middle class’ family, we had to be so careful of everything! We didn’t waste anything. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t pervade everything you do.

Back in the late ‘90’s my husband and I owned motels. If we had an empty unit tonight we could never ever make that up again. Sure we could fill it tomorrow, but we could never sell that unit on that particular night ever again. Not like a book that will sit on the shelf until it is bought and which day that is, doesn’t make as much difference. So once again I became very conscious that each minute counted. Where is it that you are aware of the clock ticking and that you are not doing with time what you would like? We have to have given this some thought to actually know what we feel about the different ends of the spectrum. And once we have decided that right now I want to sit and do nothing more than enjoy the company of a good friend, then do that without getting anxious about the things you are not getting done off your list. That too is a valuable way to spend our precious time.

Enjoy choosing how to spend your time!

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