What is the Price of Your Life?

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”   Henry David Thoreau

If we all took notice of this quote we may think twice about some of the things we do with our lives. I know sometimes I can spend too long on face book as I see what others are up to & support others in the groups that I’m in. But it is very easy to let time slip by and suddenly I don’t feel so good about having let this activity to go beyond a short time of social interaction. And then I do feel that the price I have paid is more than I wanted, especially when I consider that I now no longer have that time every again, to do some of the things that are actually more meaningful to me. However I need to know what those meaningful things are, and how important they are to me – my Big WHY. Only then will I see whether the price I am paying is okay, is too much or I am prepared to spend more on.

I have just spent some time doing a Sleep course. I have learnt a lot about myself and my habits – not just sleep. This information that was new to me, encompassed the circadian rhythms and this excited me because for years I had felt I was out of step with society in general, because I didn’t feel the need to go to bed when everyone else did, or get up when the majority do, for that matter. I have learnt that I am in one of 4 different groups as found in my circadian rhythm. I learnt how this affects also when I should eat and exercise, and if I live according to that rhythm I will feel more energetic and it will support better health. Do you think that the price of my life to hear this is worth the time I spent? Because I am always trying to live a healthy life, I felt it was! What are the things you do, that are important to you, that are well worth the price you are paying with your life?

Enjoy doing those things most important to you!

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