What is You Vision for Your 2018

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”  Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Have you written a vision statement at some point in your past? Maybe you have done more than one as things changed. Either you achieved most of the things in the vision or maybe your life took a change & you headed off down another track. Have you used a vision board? John Assaraf talks about the one he did on the film, “The Secret.” I have a vision board looking at me as I write this. I have a personal development speaker on there, called Jim Rohn. One of his famous quotes was, “To have more, we must first become more.” This is why I think the journey to the desired outcome is as important as the destination. As I work at the moment to make changes in my business, to step up my commitment, I find I’m on a huge learning curve, that can only force me to become more. For those of us who have been on the planet longer than others, some of the technology can really test us.

What is it that you are being tested over? Is this pushing you to become more & step up into the bigger vision you have for yourself. Have you written your vision down, with intimate detail & emotional connection? There are different schools of thought about whether we need to engage with the vision statement daily, that once it is written, the ‘order’ has gone out to the universe, and we don’t need to resolutely read it each day. Others of course say it is paramount. Either way, we do need the words we use to be in the present, don’t use the words don’t or not and so on. The sentences need to be positive. It is considered to be very important to engage with the emotions that you would be feeling if this vision was to be true, so add that. E.g. I love this house I am living in……and describe it. The topping on the cake is to be grateful for these things that have happened, even though they are in the future. Gratitude in itself will raise the emotional bar so we feel the emotions more intensely.

Enjoy committing your vision to ‘paper!’

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